Zenith Insurance Services is heavily involved with various community organisations and actively raises funds to assist in the running of these organistions.

These organisations make a remarkable contribution to the community and it’s members and we look forward to continuing to support them.

Larapinta Extreme Walk

On the 15th of May, one of Zenith Insurance Services director’s, Doug Bird, will set out to walk 223kms over 11 days on the Extreme Larapinta Walk. The walk is undertaken to raise funds for the NPY Women’s Council Annual Law & Culture meeting. The meeting is a critical element, both in the fight to preserve Australia’s Indigenous culture and in our national journey to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia.

This event is extremely expensive to run and existing government funding is inadequate. Each meeting costs in excess of $50,000 including transportation, camping facilities, insurance and catering. Attendees come from locations that are vastly remote incurring prohibitive travel expense.

A volunteer team of walkers and support crew from across Australia will come together in May 2016 to tackle the extreme walk. They will walk the length of the Larapinta Trail from Mt Sonder to Alice Springs in the Northern Territory – a distance of 223kms over mountainous desert terrain.

The Larapinta Trail takes in well known landmarks such as the Stanley Chasm, and finishes at the Alice Springs Telegraph Station. Along the way we will experience outdoor living with minimal ‘creature comforts’, camping under a sea of stars in the outback night and striving through stunning desert scenery by day.

Averaging 20km a day over challenging terrain we aim to complete the trail in 11 days. This is a challenge as the trail is generally completed in 16-20 days. We know this event will truly test each one of us, but each step will be easier knowing that we are making a difference in these women’s lives.

Doug and the team at Zenith would be extremely appreciate of any donations. Doug’s individual donation page can be found here.

For more information on the walk, click here.

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