Leeming ESC Workplace Learning Program partnering with Activ Internship

We were invited to participate in the 10-Week Leeming SHS Education Support Centre Workplace Learning Program, partnering with Activ’s pilot Internship program.

We were excited about meeting our students, and couldn’t have predicted how much our team would get out of the program. We are now just over halfway through our time together and everyone in our office has enjoyed every minute. We checked in with our students to find out how the Zenith experience has been for them.

I have been doing Work Experience at Zenith since 22nd July. To start with I was at Zenith every Wednesday, but I am now coming in on Thursdays too.
I have been working with different teams within the office to see how each department does things. I enjoy the schedule checking, and especially making sure the pricing matches what has been processed correctly. I especially enjoy the social side of the office; I like to talk to people and have felt very welcome and included at Zenith. It has also been good to experience taking trains and buses to get to and from the office.
I am not sure what I want to do when I finish school yet, so it has been great to experience an office environment and get an idea of what it would be like to work in one.

- Xavier

I have liked working on the computer, scanning in certain documents.
I have also enjoyed talking to everyone and having conversation with my work colleagues.
I have also enjoyed talking to Michelle and she has also help me create a pre renewal report which is based on Elton John.

- Joe

I did my work experience at Zenith Insurance Services who are a commercial insurance brokerage.
I was very nervous because I had never worked in an office before and I wasn’t sure I would like it, but I loved it.
My first day at Zenith, I sat with Sarah who works in the Aged Care team. I was required to do some claims work, shredding and Sarah also went through some basic office tasks, and discussed ergonomics with me. I found the claims work challenging, but when I sat with Sarah the next time, we did more claims and I now really enjoy as I understand them a little bit more.
I loved working at Zenith, the people were really nice and good for a chat. I liked how social the office environment is and I liked learning how to do the policy schedule checking. It helped me to be more social in an environment where I don’t know many people. It’s also helped me work on my technology skills, but I know I definitely liked the physical paper based work more.
I would recommend Zenith to other students who are looking for work placement because you get a good feel of an office environment.

- Anna

We strongly encourage our corporate partners to welcome this program into their workforce next year. Not only has it provided a valuable learning experience for these high school students, but it has also been an amazing experience for our staff. Learning placements help students gain confidence, understand an office environment and start thinking about their career options. 

Reach out to Leeming SHS ESC to set up a Workplace Learning Placement Program of your own.

Thanks again Xavier, Joe and Anna! It’s been a pleasure working with you and we wish you all the best for the future.