Premium Funding

Premium Funding Options

Would you like the convenience of paying your insurance premium by the month?

Zenith Insurance Services provides the option of spreading your payments over 9, 10, 11 or 12-monthly instalments.

The benefits

There are innumerable benefits to taking out a loan for your premiums.

  • Conserve your cash flow
  • Gain tax advantages
  • Obtain an off-balance sheet line of credit
  • Use your available funds for the best advantage

How it works

Premium Funding is organised in-house with Zenith. We quote the loan and put the finance in place so you never even need to contact the bank. It’s all part of our comprehensive service offering.

Premium Funding with Zenith Insurance Services is powered by IQumulate and Attvest.

Conserve your cash flow and gain tax advantages. Consider Premium Funding.

You don’t just buy an insurance program through Zenith Insurance Services.

You purchase a strategic partnership. We will assist you in all matters concerning your Insurance Exposures. ​