Business Insurance

Business Insurance lets you run your business with confidence.

Affordable, comprehensive protection minimises your exposure to risk as a business owner – which is invaluable if you’re one of the 84% of small-and-medium-enterprises who say they don’t have a financial back-up plan.

Business Insurance can:

  • Repair or replace damaged property
  • Cover loss of trading profit during a business interruption incident
  • Cover your liability to pay compensation for personal injury and property damage
  • Cover your liability for costs involved in defending a claim
  • Replace glass damaged inside or outside your premises
  • Cover stock in transit
  • Repair or replace broken-down electronic equipment
  • Cover costs associated with machinery breakdown
  • Cover general property you use as ‘tools of the trade’
  • Cover the cost of a tax audit
  • Mitigate the costs associated with dishonest or fraudulent employee conduct

If you’re interested in Business Insurance, pick up the phone and chat with the team at Zenith on 9349 0022.

You don’t just buy an insurance program through Zenith Insurance Services.

You purchase a strategic partnership. We will assist you in all matters concerning your Insurance Exposures. ​