Landlord Insurance

Landlord Insurance covers your rental properties against a range of standard insurance items plus damage caused by tenants. Zenith Insurance Services chooses to work with Steadfast Insurance, which also covers holiday and long-term rentals.

Landlord Insurance can cover:

  • Flooding, fires and explosions
  • Liability cover up to $20 million for third party injury, loss of life or loss of property
  • Damage to landlord contents e.g. carpets, curtains and furniture
  • Catastrophe cover against declared natural disasters
  • Cover for the loss of rent if a tenant is evicted or breaks their lease
  • Cover for loss or malicious damage caused by tenants and their guests
  • Tax audit cover

If you’re interested in Landlord Insurance, reach out to Zenith on 9349 0022.

Download our full Landlord Insurance product brochure here.

You don’t just buy an insurance program through Zenith Insurance Services.

You purchase a strategic partnership. We will assist you in all matters concerning your Insurance Exposures. ​