Management Liability Insurance

Management Liability Insurance can help manage legal claims brought against you, your directors or your employees. If anyone associated with your business carries out actions that directly cause harm to a third party, Management Liability Insurance can protect your personal assets from being sold to cover the cost of the claim.

What sort of claim would be brought against your employees? It seems unlikely, but unfortunately Management Liability claims are common. Some scenarios include:

Workplace Bullying

Management Liability Insurance can cover:

  • Claims of employment breaches (wrongful dismissal, discrimination etc)
  • Claims of wrongful acts by business directions, officers and managers
  • Claims against employees or third parties related to fraud
  • Cost related to defending or settling external claims alleging wrongful conduct
  • Cost related to an investigation of the company for wrongful conduct claims
  • Cost of defence, fines and penalties under some states (e.g. OH&S)
  • Legal costs of a court summons

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