Zenith’s Cambodian Adventure

Cambodia Team Trip

This January, the Zenith team made their annual trip to Cambodia to volunteer with Empowering Cambodia. This rare opportunity is one that the whole team look forward to, travelling together to a foreign country not only to empower a community of children within their education centre, but to also build a home for a family in need.

Read on to learn more about the trip and watch our vlog below:

Working alongside not-for-profit organisation ‘Empowering Cambodia’, the Zenith team arrived and settled into the village straight away. The locals were happy to welcome the Zenith team, and a greater sense of community was developed as a few Cambodian locals offered to give the group a tour of their village; this included some hands on experience using a traditional community water pump and meeting some of the cows that Zenith had helped to fund through the Cow Cooperative.

The next portion of the group’s Cambodian adventure carried a strong focus on empowering and mentoring the children within the village’s own education centre. Team members delighted the school children by teaching them some of the classic schoolyard games they grew up with. Arts and crafts were a hit, helping to develop the cognitive skills they would use well into adulthood, while games like hopscotch and duck duck goose aided in the development of both fine and gross motor skills.

Finally, the team were given the chance to provide one family with a resource desperately needed; stable shelter. The Zenith team were eager to get their hands dirty, building a home for a family in need. The team worked alongside a group of village locals to build the home, learning some valuable skills along the way. The group were given the chance to reminisce about a previous project, revisiting the home built in our 2019 trip. Seeing firsthand the difference they were able to make in just one trip reinforced a sense of pride and achievement and allowed everyone to walk away from the experience with a greater understanding of culture and community.