Zenith’s client Praline receives Vero Recovery Grant

Heavily impacted by COVID-19, chocolate manufacturer Praline has received a $20,000 grant from Vero Insurance.

The Vero Recovery Business Grant initiative was put together by Vero Insurance to help small businesses weather the storms caused by COVID-19. Zenith saw an opportunity for their client Praline, a Sydney based chocolatier that the pandemic had severely impacted.

In 2019, Praline worked through in-depth business development and strategic thinking for international exports. As an outcome, Praline booked to go to trade events in the USA, Japan and Singapore this year and was excited about the prospect of growth into new markets. Unfortunately, along with supply disruptions, COVID-19 put a stop to these international marketing efforts and also severely impacted Praline’s export and domestic markets.

With sales down 83%, Praline was in a very difficult position. Knowing this, Zenith forwarded the details of the Vero Recovery Grant to the Praline team. Praline Manager Angus Suttie said the process was straightforward, but they weren’t banking that it would come through. They were delighted when it did! “It really made my day – especially in this environment!” Angus said.

Praline will put their $20,000 Vero Recovery Grant to good use, investing in new equipment that will help augment their processing and increase production. This is a long term investment that will propel Praline into the future and help them meet the demand for premium Australian products worldwide.

Despite delays due to COVID-19, Praline has now been able to launch new products, which have been well received by the market so far. New products include the Essence of Australia range, with unique Australiana flavour combinations and additions to the Nature’s Tribe product range – catering to sugar-free, vegan, keto, low calorie, high fibre and diabetic friendly diets.

Zenith is pleased with the outcome for Praline – it’s been a very difficult time for small businesses and passing on the grant information was the least we could do. We’re always trying to support our clients to help their businesses thrive – we aim to be an extension of the organisations we represent, so we share in client success.

Learn more about Praline here.